Friday, September 02, 2005

What the fuck is going on!?!

I've been avoiding the overwhelming amount of information pouring out of all media outlets about that bitch Katrina's wake. So catastrophic and so tragic is the loss of life and the inability for the victims and survivors to get aid that it hurts my heart.

[Aside - Speaking of aid don't get suckered by the ass wipes that come out during tragedies like this donate here for Red Cross, here for Salvation Army - do it)

Don't get me wrong - cities like New Orleans and San Francisco are pretty much begging for natural disaster (you may have to watch an ad) what with San Andreas and living below the Gulf of Mexico.

I think that stories like this that scare me the most. People have clearly reached the end of their ropes - where are the uplifting stories of neighbours helping neighbours? Of course, if I had to go three days without drinking water or food, after losing everything, watching bodies float by and walking through sewage and oil polluted water. I might actually lose my shit too. I can't even imagine what these people are dealing with now.

Issues like this one just make me wonder just how many resources are getting filtered through Iraq. As far as I can see the big Bush and Homeland Security just aren't packing the punch that they say they can. Where is the federal government?

Chertoff said Thursday that 4,200 trained National Guard military police would be deployed in the city over the next three days, quadrupling the law enforcement presence in New Orleans.
"Fourteen hundred military police trained soldiers will be arriving every day --- 1,400 today, 1,400 tomorrow and 1,400 the next day," he said.

"Frankly, what we're doing is we are putting probably more than we need in order to send an unambiguous message that we will not tolerate lawlessness or violence or interference with the evacuation."

Yet, the first contingent of those promised military police were not scheduled to arrive until late Thursday night -- and only 100 Guard members would be in that first wave, according to Pentagon officials. Pressed about the other 1,300 promised troops, officials would only say that they were on the way.

This was today for god's sake


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