Monday, September 19, 2005

This hour in knitting rage

Well, luckily for my stash reduction goal I've completely lost any will to see the outside world this month.

I now understand the bitch that is quitting smoking. My lack of patience for almost everyone is blinding and my inability to distance myself emotionally from any conflict or criticism is crippling. I've become a Hitchcock movie.

A moment of silence for the rock that is my husband....

My joy quotient right now is full extracted from these unmatching beautiful holeless socks. I love them and if anybody fucks with them I will use a well dressed striped foot and stick up their....sorry sorry.....just got ahead of myself for a second. Anyway - here they are! I started them in July, ripped the heel 3 times and finished them last night.

I never in a million years thought that I would be so happy knitting the Clapotis shawl/wrap but the Koigu shimmers and the science of this pattern is miraculous to me. I'm just under half done and I never want to finish this...

Something new this month is cabling. My first cabling is for the Keplar sweater - I've done two armbands and will be starting the waist tonight and throughout the week - tv is my only friend that doesn't want to make go postal....probably because I don't have to communicate effectively with it. Seriously people, when CSI Miami is more appealing than a patio night you know I'm in trouble. Caruso is such a pansy.

The next project will be to finish my Rowan Biggie Knit Cardigan using the 10 balls of biggy print that I got on eBay for a third of the price! I finished the back of it in the spring but wouldn't knit it during the heat of the summer. Fall nights are perfect for it. I'd love to have it done for Thanksgiving up at my cottage. I can't wait. It's my favourite holiday.

So if anyone is reading this right now - you need to call my husband and take him out to do something fun and remind him what I was like before I started quitting smoking and raging against everyone.

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