Friday, September 02, 2005

The Month in Review

I just wanted to see how I'd done with my new month's goals from August..

1. Finish second striped sock with Fortissima Socka
- Done - I had to frog and reknit both of these beautiful bad boys but my sister loves the holelessness.

2. Finishing ripping and restart Sonnet with beautiful deep red Alpaca yarn from Lettuce knit. nummy!!
- Meh. Sonnet wasn't doing it for me so now I have 9 skeins of beautiful alpaca looking for a suitable pattern

3. End the month with less weight on my ass then when it started...for the love of pete when will the ass growth end?!?!
- Lost the goal poundage of 4! Youpee!

4. Eat one complete meal a day that is totally locally produced this should really be no biggie what with southern ontario being in full fruit & vegetable bloom right now.
- I pretty much was able to do this but it was harder than it should have been - it's distressing to me that the best way to buy local is to go to a farmer's market - how do our stores not sell local?

5. Finish the book The Polished Hoe by Austin Clarke
- not even close

6. Pick up my yoga where I left off - at 2 classes minimum per week.
- Yeppers and it feels fantastic

8. See one comedy show per week.
- Didn't happen so much...but slooowly am getting back in the game

9. Bring smoking volumes down to a civil 1 - 3 per day.
- Not even close. Gross me out. September here I come.

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