Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Things I know about my sister:

1. There is no one, I repeat no one that has my sister's sense of humour. She can find a funny in the most innocuous of moments - then she'll share it with you and it will make you laugh when you least expect it weeks afterwards.

2. Charlotte can tell me I'm full of shit in a way that will make me pee my pants laughing at myself. Charlotte has a way of calling people on their BS in a way that they don't feel judged. I wish everyone had this talent.

3. Charlotte has the most beautiful luscious curly hair in the whole world and the softest glowing skin I have ever seen. No small feat considering she generally works in conditions of extreme heat and chemical processing

4. She's the only person I have ever met who loves reading and water so much she has figured out how to read in the shower with minimal damage to her book. That being said I never lend her a book with the expectation I will get it back in the same dry form.

5. Her circle of friends has been carefully nurtured and protected from the moment she has picked them. They will protect her and embrace all of her idiosyncrasies without question as will she theirs. Her friends are all geniuses and fabulously talented.

6. She used to pound out the fuckers that would call her racial slurs in the schoolyard in New Brunswick. If you fuck with her or anyone she loves she will pound you out 20 years later without question or regret. Not enough people stand up for themselves and those they love. It's my sister who inspires me to talk back more.

7. My sister is a chemical engineer and she speaks a language of energy and water conservation for big business that puts my Greenpeace rhetoric to shame. The man should listen to her (and I quote) "visionary capital theories" because GAS IS NEVER GOING TO GET CHEAPER

8. Charlotte refuses to spoil nieces and nephews under the age of 2 because they will never remember or understand what the hell you're doing. She will instead snuggle and smooch and chat with them incessantly. You will never catch Charlotte treating a child like a baby but always like a person - she respects their vision of the world as much as she does yours.

9. My sister's memories of our childhood are completely different than mine. She is 15 months younger than I and without her memories and perspective I would miss out on a view of the world that expands my life exponentially.

10. She has never had a heck of a lot of fear. When Charlotte was 11, she was the first kid in the family to jump off of the "suicide" level of Echo Rock at the cottage thus forcing the over 20 year old man quotient to follow her lead else face the public shaming of the family.


Anonymous said...

Jen. It's Aviva's kid sister. That was incredibly touching and brilliant. That Charlotte's a lucky girl to have someone who can write her so well. Thanks for that.

Jen said...

My sister makes it really easy. V. Nice pictures of your perfect nephew. He's is absurdly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to cry