Monday, August 22, 2005

Women bonding....

At yoga:

The instructor (who is fabulous) says to me while we are doing shoulder stands: "Jennifer, breathe more fully into the back of your ribs to fully engage the energy"

Me: "Help. me. am. drowning. in. the. double. d's"

I'm not exaggerating.

After the class another student comes to me and says - Man if you think that's bad you should have seen me when I was breast feeding. There are so many aspects of that statement that dissuade me from breeding that it boggles my mind.

In other less disturbing news of female bonding:

Knitting. My beautiful aryan niece came to visit this weekend. There are stories of zoo visits but the weekend ended with this. Maddy has a natural tendancy towards all things sheep - please see Lucy Liu, her lamb behind us.


kelly said...

So how's the sock treating you?! You can't leave me in suspense like this ;)

Jen said...

I've been captured by some koigu in the form of clapotis. The sock and I had to take a time out...will return to it this weekend. The koigu is like a warm hug though