Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Is it so wrong to feel like I've conquered?

First of all - LOOK WHAT I FOUND!

Oh happy nerdy day!

The sock that has been torturing me from heel on, a photojournal:

At first I totally understood the joy of the sock (as inspired by harlots of the yarn variety) - it's portable, easy and not so hoggy at the dinner table . I took my sock everywhere with me. At first we were inseparable. The new ebony needles at one with me, my bag, and anything that could break them...I'm knitting on 2.5 needles here.

Eventually the heel came upon me and holes abounded. I've frogged this damned sock at least 7 times. I was ready to give up knitting because clearly if I couldn't read the pattern to turn the heel I was not meant to read any pattern. Until finally Lady Marmalade told me that I was not alone and that "a short row heel" was much more manageable. Thank god. After taking a time out alone to knit on Clapotis. I returned yesterday to give the heel some time...

Look Ma! No holes!

I was so excited about this event that I finished the sock, frogged and restarted a previously finished disappointing sock and got ready to frog it's mate. Oh my friends....so. satisfying. That's what happens when my Partner in Crime has a show and I can sit at home with a CSI fest on...so happy right now.

Ta Da!


kelly said...

*swoon* now that is one fine, sexy, hole-less heel girl! Lookit you go! Toldja you could do it :)

Now the real trouble is making sure you dont fall prey to Second Sock Syndrome. Make sure you cast on for the second foot right away!

ps -- I totally agree with you on the knitability of CSI. Its one of my favourite tv shows to knit to!

Jen said...

I've already started the second sock...I'm addicted and I've frogged and reknit the first sock of my first pair. According to my calculations I have two pairs on the go!

Gill is hot I don't care what anyone says. Yummy.

kelly said...

mmmmgrissom! Oh my goodness. Could it be that we're kindred spirits? Sock-knitting and Grissom-lusting at the same time? heh.

Jen said...

i think you're right - we might be kindred knitters! just got back from the cottage - have more socks and knitting!