Monday, August 01, 2005

The Honeymooners

Algonquin Park access points were all closed due to massive power outages. J and I had to hike 8 km in to the bush to get to our cabin...we weren't going to start at dusk after a 7 hour drive...The park employee is telling me that we are now considered a no show. So....
we checked into the Mountview Motel in Barry's Bay where we enjoyed wine and hot rods while contemplating the soundproofing. I've never been so happy to see the word Vacancy in neon.
It had everything newlyweds could want.

This was what the hike in looked like to me after about 30 minutes. That's right. It's a drivable road through bear country. This is what I found at the top of the hill...from my partner for life who was biking.

That Hot Rod was delish. About 1 hour later I saw J coming back on his bike. By this time the freshness was long gone. He was going to get the car thereby saving me from uncertain death by horsefly. This is what we found when we got to the cabin.

and some of this:

A LOT of this:

The secondary bonus to bringing the car in was that we could enjoy these divine liquids: Syrah, Chardonnay and Laphroiag:

This was the dawn after the one day of spectacular thunder and lightening storm as taken by J.

And this was my first visual that morning 2 hours later it's amazing the difference.

As we packed up camp: 'Man' in all of his glory. My heart skips a beat...

Man it was a great five days of peace, quiet and yahtzee. I recommend this to everyone.

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