Saturday, August 06, 2005


My Poppa's funeral was today. I'm a little bit tipsy and posting this from my cottage. Funerals are such weird events. I've seen cousins, great aunts, friend and acquaintances from my grandfather's long extensive life today.

Lots of beers were drunk and many toasts raised in his name. This man lived a life full of the flaws that humans are born with and victories that he worked hard to achieve. Nothing really brings "it home" like examining this one man's life with a million different people's perspectives.

If you want something out of life you really really have to work at it to make it happen. He never seemed to expect that he would get what he wanted by sitting around waiting for it to happen. He hunted out his satisfaction and his purpose with a single mindedness that inspires me.

It was a universal theme in the conversations I had with family and friends that Poppa was unstoppable and that he gave them the tools they needed to do achieve what they needed even if they didn't know what they needed at the time.

How lucky am I?

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