Monday, July 25, 2005

The ceremonial binding of the ball and chain...

So it's been just over two weeks since I've posted. I could have updated all y'all from the cottage the week before my PIC and I went legit but...well...there was beer to drink and a dock to sit on as depicted here by my PIC.

Adventures had and survived in the last two weeks:

- The term regravelling was new to me - my dad was excited about a new laser leveller that my Man Brother lent him. Notably, the Brother lent it to Dad but let us shovel 18 tonnes of gravel around the driveway until it was level...within a centimetre. I couldn't understand why this was necessary because so few people were actually parking on the driveway

- I got balled and chained...he he he. By this I mean my PIC and I tied the knot. We had all worked so so hard to make it happen smoothly at the cottage that it was a very cathartic moment for the whole clan when it happened.

Some pictures from the first round of this event that I love and adore:

- My nephew Gabriel and niece Claire with my cousin Allan: Gabriel and Claire are at that phase in toddlerdom when they *cannot* be more than 6 inches away from their mother if not *on* her. It is a testament to my cousin's patience, charm and gentleness that they accepted this perch.

- My brother Dan without whom we would not have been able to pull of the wedding day without knowing about all of the problems that come up. He put on the daddy pants with Charlotte and Liz and together they were spectacular. His incredible ability to make everyone feel comfortable and engaged and taken care of made it impossible for folk not to have a great time.

- My sisters. These two women enrich, expand and support my life - they are unstoppable forces of creativity, intelligence and drive. They can plant more trees than anyone in a camp of 30, develop waste disposal treatments that conserve energy the environment AND lead to big money gains for big money companies, and MAN DO THEY CLEAN UP PRETTY.

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