Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Air Conditioning...the life blood of sanity

We have succumbed to the heat. YOU WIN HEAT WAVE!

The PIC and I invested in a small air conditioner for the boudoir. After spending 5 days in Algonquin Park where it's cool at night and hot in the afternoon we couldn't handle coming back to the heat wave in the T.Dot.

The reason for holding out on the last frontier of comfort for myself was primarily energy consumption. Two years ago Toronto was tossed into the joy that was the blackout for the Northern Seaboard and Southern Ontario. We maxed out our grid so I instinctively felt that AC was something that we really could live without, unfortunately, sleep was not something we could live without.

So we pick out a small AC at Home Despot after reading the box carefully the PIC put the love machine together and installed it. While cleaning it up I come across a flyer, printed by EnerGuide, that was attached to the machine in the box which tells us that this f'ing machine IS THE LEAST ENERGY EFFICIENT air conditioner in it's class!!!

I will admit that we should have done our own due diligence in the matter checking into the Energy Efficiency Ratio hell, we should have know what the EER is!

But why why why the fuck isn't the EER put on the box with all of the other basic information? What good does it do the basic consumer to put the label inside the box?!! I guess Simplicity will sell more AC's based on the fact the consumer won't know until they've installed the damn machine that it's going to suck their hydro bill skyward.

Sigh. Rage aside - we slept for a full 8 hours last night in blissful comfort. So nice to sleep without waking up to spray myself with H20

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