Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Memories of Prom


I'm sitting on mom's couch last night folding the eighteen tons of cottage laundry. She had mentioned that she wanted to do loot bags at the wedding - the suggestion was met with cool contemplation as I have a mental image of stuffing 100 f'ing loot bags the night before the wedding. Last night she turns to me and assesses my mental health before saying:

"I was thinking I might *make* the loot bags out of fabric"

I reply delicately but with rising panic, "Make? you mean sew bags right? You're going to sew 100 loot bags...before the wedding"

I should mention that mom's relationship with the sewing machine is dubious at best and if you add a deadline the machine will dig in her heels and say "F' you a'hole, you should have finished the dress before the night before prom"

She starts laughing uncontrollably - "I know...I'm getting crazy and I won't do it but how funny is your face. You're remembering prom aren't you."

I think we're all going to be ok - god bless a sense of humour..


aviva said...

I love your mom... (and you too of course). If you need someone to stuff lootbags, just give me a call.

Jen said...

Thanks dollface. It was lovely to see you on Saturday...must do it more.