Friday, June 03, 2005

Inventory of forgotten tools

My day was to be a finely tuned machine of coordination and scheduling.

The chef for our wedding was coming over for dinner at 7:00 which meant that I had to pick up the groceries on my way home for a simple barbecue and salad dinner (Stick to what you know when cooking for high end chefs)

The other task was to get the last of the wedding invites in the mail.

I pack my bag in the morning for the walk to work - a non negotiable activity since I gained 3 lbs in the past week. The obesity must be stopped. Water, discman and sneakers. Done.

As I walk into the office I realize I'd forgotten:

- Tampons. No biggie right? I can roll with that punch. I'll just go buy some on my coffee break.

- Work shoes. Normally I could get away with wearing sneakers but the HR team has recently put in a dress code - I went to tell the HR cougar that I forgot my shoes and she pulled out a pair of STILETTO'S for me to wear during the day. Fine. I can wear these enemies of feet everywhere until I go and buy a pair of civil shoes at lunch - look at me..roooooollllin I am so flexible.

Spikerific! Posted by Hello

- My fucking wallet without which I can't buy food for dinner, tampons or stamps for the last of goddamn motherfucking invitations. Seriously - what am I 12 years old? With my wallet is also all my subway tokens, obesity took another hit as I had to walk home after work...luckily I didn't have to wear stilettos.

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