Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I get me a sam'ich

My night in three sound bites.

At bedtime (Midnight - 28 degrees - two fans)

Me: Without you I would lead a shallow, stupid life....well maybe not shallow and stupid.

PIC: you'd lead....a life. nice.

The failed corny moment is currently being patented by me keep your hands OFF.

Next moment: (1:00am - wake up laughing - issue 3 squirts of watter from the handy spray bottle)

PIC: Are you ok? What was that noise?

Me: What? I was laughing...

PIC: Wow that sounded like chickens.

(3:45 am - complete temper tantrum involving a seizure like display of impotent rage at the heat - I get up to have a shower)

I climb into bed soaking wet and freezing cold due to multiple fan action.

Me: whimper.

PIC: For god's sake...are you ok?

Me: No it's fucking hot and I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT! (insert flailing and kickin of legs in the definitive temper tantrum) WHIIIINNNNE.

PIC: I can't believe what a furnace you are. And did you know every time you have a temper tantrum it's like sleeping on a trampoline for me.(ed. I have one of these temper tantrums every time I have no control over the heat at night)

Me: Great. I hope it's a fun one.

PIC: Between the chickens and the trampoline I'm living the dream.

Today it's 5 degrees hotter. Luckily I plan on getting absolutely shitfaced in order to pass out in my own sweat.

I'm dreamy.

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aviva said...

you are dreamy!