Sunday, June 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Rica

It's been thirty years!

A true friend will sit for 2 hours... Posted by Hello

Things I know about Rica:

- Once she knows she can trust you she will cut anyone who says anything bad about you.
- She is the oldest child in her family. Her parents named her Rica after Eureka (they were happy about getting knocked up).
- She personifies everything Gemini
- She is successful at everything she puts her mind to.
- She is charming.

They're real and they're fantastic Posted by Hello

- She is a sexy sexy woman but doesn't throw anything but her tongue around.
- Rica got along really well with my crazy Auntie Anne at my cottage.
- This group of people would go to the end of the earth for Rica.

We put the 'ass' in class for Rica! Posted by Hello

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