Monday, May 02, 2005


Was my reaction when Chairman Mills told me that they no longer had a store in Barrie so they couldn't deliver the party sized BBQ, tables, chairs, plates, flatware and glasses. The Fascist has decided to 'service' only the GTA leaving yours truly with only the service one receives in the joint.

As a result of this unwelcome piece of information I spent the rest of the afternoon finding an equipment rental place able to deliver to the cottage which from henceforth will be called Ground Zero.

My office seems to have some semblance of sixth sense and is not longer approaching me in the afternoons. It might be my aura of deadline induced panic that I often have on work related projects and drop dates.

Bonus: My sister and I put the water in at Ground Zero this weekend and prepped the guest Cottage to repair toilet related plumbing. That's right the indoor shitter will be operational!

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