Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Romance...with hooves

My sister, PIC and I were up north at the cottage this weekend. We have to put the water into the cottage pipes every year - this involves attaching the pump to the hydro and turning it on now that we've modernized the plumbing.

Friday night however we blew the fuses that connect the heat so we were all pretty cold - Charlotte slept with the electric blanket and the PIC and I slept with an extreme winter sleeping bag.

As he climbs into bed I wrap my bare feet around his legs trying to warm them up. We get nestled and start to warm up after a second he turns to me and says.

"Are you wearing your shoes to bed?!?" Nice.

Apparently it's time to make an appointment for my annual 2 hour pedicure because that's how long it'll take to get the callous removed from my feet.

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