Thursday, May 05, 2005

Morning glory of glories

So my morning starts with an email from my PIC with news of Stephen Colbert's new comedy central show in the works. I creamed my pants just a shnickle when I read official word. Sigh...he's dreamy with his apostrophe eyes.

The Onion has a way with words that I envy. Coincidentally the word 'Cunt' is becoming a part of my daily lexicon especially satisfying when combined with otherwise innocuous words. This came by way of Defamer

"My colleague can be a real cuntmuncher when it comes to breathing" for example.

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Lisa said...

let me know if you are still intersted in joining the GTA Knit Blog Ring. If so, insert the code correctly and I'll add you.

If not, I'll remove your from the queue.

I;m leaving this comment as I would like to clean the queue up....