Friday, May 13, 2005

I don't think it IS all about the Hokey

Question authority. My mom taught me that in a moment of short sightedness that came back to make her life miserable with 4 teenagers.

This subject line was a piece of graffiti on the bathroom wall in Souz Dal where I imbibed delicious Amsterdam lager with my perfectly enabling friends last night. The realization that in 9 and a half weeks I'll be tying the knot with the best thing that ever happened to me has me aching to spend lots and lots of time with these friends of mine drinking and coming up with endless 'bon mots'.

I've spent summers upon summers on patios with a pint with these friends as an urban slut....maybe I'm just trying to close that chapter. It's got me thinking.

I don't have a ton of time but detailed adventures of "THE DISTILLER" to come this weekend.
Last Saturday I went to my first bridal shower at my lovelie Aunt's home in Toronto it was delightful and not at all horrifyingly girlie.

This weekend coming is purposefully quiet quiet so I have tons of pictures to upload and adventures to tell.

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aviva said...

You will not be closing that chapter of your life anytime soon darling. You and I will be drinking heavily for years to come.