Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Zut Alors!!

J''aime la Quebec! My PIC and sister Charlotte spent the weekend in Montreal celebrating the youngest sibling's quarter century. I spent 4 years in Montreal 'studying' at McGill. This city was the site of far too much debauchery.

My top ten favourite moments in Montreal:

1. Celebrated Liz's BDay in Montreal fashion, bring your own wine and beer restaurants and 4:00am home arrival.

2. Went to the first Sunday Tam Tam's of the year. 200 people collected on Mont Royal to make music and enjoy the sun. This was the only event that made me want to move back to the

The three sisters at Mont Royal Posted by Hello

3. The divine Empanadas at Marie-Anne and St. Urbain. These are the best empanadas in Montreal...having said that this restaurant is right around the corner from my university apt. why go anywhere else?

Best Empanadas in Montreal - on Marie - Anne and St. Urbain Posted by Hello

4. Jason's realization that we will never travel anywhere that does not have ample food and drink for me to organize an entire tour around.

5. Charlotte referring to an old family friend by the wrong name ALL NIGHT only to find out late the next day that she had it wrong...

6. Finishing my very first pair of socks - Paton's Kroy Self Striping - Personally I think the nipple at the end of the toes where I cast off incorrectly is what really makes them funkarific!

My first socks ever!!! Posted by Hello

7. The new toys being marketed to PQ kids at the roadside attractions. Does this not actually look like a screaming Winnie the Pooh is being eaten by a penguin??

Scream Winnie scream! Posted by Hello

8. Jazz at the Cafe Sarajevo is like stepping back in time where having air blue with smoke isn't gross and you just know that once the bar closes down the jazz greats get together here to jam.

9 Dinner at Santropol healthy humongus and whole lot of different fare from what you find in Toronto.

10. This kid at the Tam Tam's learning his first beats. Am digging the mohawk

Kid's gotta start some time! Posted by Hello

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