Thursday, April 14, 2005

When there's nothing left to have to set yourself on fire.

This is the best opening line I've ever heard on a CD it's on The Stars-Set Yourself on Fire.

I am constantly going through an "I love Canadiana" phase but finding the true challenge is to find it. Canadians as a rule don't much celebrate our own bad selves.

CBC Radio 3 was the best resource to help me find and love Canadian music, art and writing. Alas and alack, it has recently been retired for a face lift. It was my personal Canadian pop web love hole for the past year. Feist, Broken Social Scene, The Stars, The Pink Mountaintops and Arcade Fire and more all found there.

As a self diagnosed ADD patient, CBC Radio 3 hooked me up without me having to read through all the indie magazines or dealing with indie store clerks - and the site was visually DREAMY. I miss it.

On a completely unrelated note: While driving my mother to the airport I went on a bit of a deranged diatribe (induced by low blood sugar impatience) about the volume of information we're getting force fed about Michael Jackson

My mom had this to say about Jackson, "That man is a cripple. Not physical but there is something wounded in him that cannot be fixed." This coming from a woman with a sixth sense about people, one leg and a wicked ass sense of humour. I think that she meant that's he's broken, missing something vital that makes us all understand basic right and wrong

I think she's right and it certainly made me think of Jacko in a different seems to me we're at a circus and the media are the ring masters...hmm.

Of course, this is a woman who also told me that I originally had 4 other siblings but they got car sick so mom and dad had to trade them in for a faux wood panelled station wagon to travel Canada in.

Don't let the smooching fool you this sense of humour is kookerific Posted by Hello


five13 wannabe said...

I can't tell you how much I love that I googled that phrase and came up with you. The world is SO tiny!

Hope said...

I did the same thing, googled that phrase and also ended up here! small world for sure. your mother sounds amazing, and her insight on michael jackson is interesting.

Anonymous said...

I also googled the quote, and small world indeed. I'm pretty sure I'm Hope's younger sis...