Friday, April 29, 2005

Two of my favourite things

Well, Hitchhiker is coming out tonight!! WHHHEEEEE! I was feeling trepidatious at the mind boggling potential for blasphemy but the UK critics are creaming themselves over it. Zut alors! We may have a winner!

Is it wrong to be so incredibly excited to see the Infinite Improbability Drive scene with the wool? Is it? Because call me wrong but just the thought makes me quiver.

Adams' collected works have been through my family like the stomach flu. We've passed them to each other, to close friends and boyfriends. My mother loves Adams to the point that while in the UK visiting friends she stalked him on his book tour for Last Chance to See to get a signed copy which is *not to be borrowed under any circumstances* - we are allowed to read the unsigned paperback only and should feel lucky for the privilege.

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Anonymous said...

it was a hardcover and I didn't keep any of then - did send one to our Buddy for Christmas that year - Sniff