Thursday, April 28, 2005

petty request for an extra 3 hours per day please.

Sweet Jebus...I can't keep up with the days right now.

Last Sunday I spent the morning at the second book binding class at Lettuce Knit with the Craft Mistress herself. Emma was a delightful instructor and so obscenely patient. Lettuce Knit seems to be my black hole - I walk in and it sucks anything that isn't attached to myself off for me to forget.

I met some of my supreme girlies and my PIC for brunch and had to go back for some more sock needles to discover all of my paper for my book were left behind. How's that for luck! Picture of my beautiful felted book to follow soon.

This week has blown by to the point that I haven't even had time to update mysensitivegirlhole! Lisa the most patient of blogmistresses has been waiting for me to upload the image of the Toronto Knitters webring. If I'd been home for more than 4 hours this week I would have figured it out...

Sigh. I'm having too hard a time keeping up with the days.

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