Sunday, April 17, 2005

Oh the judgement....

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Today was an adventure and Smudge disapproves due to yet some more incoming yarn that he is not allowed to toy with.

I had my first bookbinding class at Lettuce Knit taught by Emma Jane - am inspired by both new craft and by the Twisted Sisters' sock bible. Pictures to follow later in the week.

I'd been feeling put out by the knit and specifically my challenges with sleeves...I just finished yet another sweater in Alapaca del Uruguay from Lettuce Knit and the damned sleeves were a record 1.5 FEET TOO LONG. Since my arms are actually my achilles heel. I've abandoned the upper body to enjoy the lower foot segment of the body

The true joy of the entire day is the new Matt 'n Nat purse I picked up - it's so cute AND it's the perfect carrying case for my sock project or any other such portable joy.


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