Thursday, April 21, 2005

I just can't get enough

Why hello delightful new hand bag that fits a ball of opal yarn PERFECTLY!!!

Coming back to the fold in a big way Posted by Hello

The piece of wood next to the purse is going to be the spine in my book binding class that I'm taking at Lettuce Knit. I'm very excited this is going to be a thank you gift for my aunt and god mother who is holding a bridal shower for me.

This woman has been an artist all of her life and has probably been the major force that has inspiree my creative self to try anything and everything. She's an amazing woman.

Since my class at Lettuce Knit I've become reinspired and as a result have started and it would appear almost finished my new attempt at a cardigan. The Biggy Print I bought on eBay for less than half price per skein!!! Seriously, I almost peed my pants when I one the auction. The only problem is that it knits up so fast I'm procrastinating just to enjoy the yarn a little bit longer.

Biggy Print Cardigan Posted by Hello

Spring is the season for finishing projects - it tends to happen that I start a lot of different crafts and then finish them in the spring.

I will be making a path of these for my wedding at the cottage - we have too many friends and family that are making the wedding day possible and these would make great thank you gifts. Besides I LOVE PLAYING IN CONCRETE!!

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This is my original craftwork - cross stitch. I usually do 3-4 pieces a year still but only when my knitting has tortured me to the point when I need to have some quiet time.

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My PIC is a tidy tidy man whereas I tend to leave "trails" where ever I go. As a result he buys me kits and chests and vases for me to store needles, crotchet hooks and yarn. This is my designated knitting and craft station as gently encouraged by my PIC. He actually keeps his eyes and ears open for new ways to contain circular needles and the like.

Although he still can't understand how I can spend inside of 10 minutes collecting all the implements I might need if I finish a project outside of the house but it takes me 25 minutes to find my wallet and or my glasses.

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