Saturday, April 16, 2005

I don't think I'd blow over...I'm just sayin' you should drive is all...

Over the weekend my PIC and I bottled the 4 batches of wine we had made for the wedding. There was more wine than I think I have ever seen!

This is how you disinfect the bottles so that Bacchus doesn't get angered by germies:

Nothing says wedding like too much to drink! Posted by Hello

After all the bottles had been cleaned we got to fill got less and less exciting after the first 12 bottles.

I thought we'd have to fill the bottles with a funnel! God bless technology - that's Jay paying close attention Posted by Hello

This is the red wine - there is an equal amount of white...Shockingly it tasted good. A relief even though 90% of the folk at our wedding will drink anything outside of scope.

This less than half of what we finished.... Posted by Hello

I drank two glasses of this bad boy young and it didn't taste bad at all - although my prior consumption of only 1 cup of coffee led to the statement as I walked into Fermentations to carry another case out to the car.

The owner was impressed I'm sure.

I drank 2 glasses of the red.... Posted by Hello

This might have been the reason from my lovely friend Aviva to be a little nervous as I held the beautific baby Max at the same time as stuffing my face with the divine vegan fudge cake at Fresh

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